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Here is a short video of us kayaking and camping along Warwoman Creek. Warwoman Creek is a great intro to creeking near Clayton Georgia. It ends at the confluence with the Chattooga River at Earls Ford, the beginning of section three.

Bit of a rough day for all of us on the Cartecay. Friend lost a boat but got it back and we all came out at one point on the river. Still fun! Here is just some footage from our trip on 5/19/13.

Local Run

Get out your paddling gear, its time! Yeah, I’m talking to you! You know who you are. :-) For those of you who have been waiting for the weather to get warmer, the air temp is getting into the mid to high 70s and some days the 80s and we are still getting rain so now is the perfect time.

Here is a short kayaking video of me running one of my favorite local runs on the Upper Amicalola this last Sunday to get you in the mood. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this river its off of 53 in Dawson County, GA. I would also recommend the Lower Amicalola from 53 to Kelly Bridge which you can check out on one of my other posts on the Amicalola.

So, I was fortunate enough to get another trip out to Park City this year late February through March 6th. There was plenty of fresh powder on Tuesday the 26th the day I flew in so we headed straight from the airport to The Bird. There was barely any people on the tram and though visibility was poor that day with the snow still emptying into Little Cottonwood it was nothing but top to bottom powder runs that day.

Here is some footage from a bluebird powder day later into my trip the following week:

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